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The dynamics of today's global business environment demands new and different skills for success. At Sona, we realize that a judicious combination of academics and practical learning are really vital to prepare oneself for the 'real world'. Sona has been recognized as one of the top B-Schools in India by Dalal Street B-School Directory 2012.
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To Design and develop Special Motors and Drive Electronics for Aerospace Applications visit Website >>>


To fabricate semiconductor micro and nano-structure on GaAS substrates by strain-driven self-assembling technique for monolithic intergration of optical devices and sensors. visit Website >>>


To Specialise in the Processing of data delivered by electronic eyes and to obtain reliable information form the millions of data. visit Website >>>


To Desing and Develop Innovative Technologies applied to Testing and Condition Monitoring of Electric Power apparatus and High Voltage Systems. visit Website >>>


Centre for study on Rainfall and Radio wave Propagation (CRRP) welcomes researchers in Electronics, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Atmospheric Science and Chemistry fields to work hand-in-hand to solve the mystery of rainfall dynamics, its effect on radio wave propagation and the counter balancing mechanism. visit Website >>>


To develop quality computer-based learning resoursces(LRs) using appropriate software tools for making the learning process easier and enjoyable. visit Website >>>


To render Scientific and Technological services to Industry, to transfer Technology to small and medium Enterprises, to offfer Ph.D Programmes in Chemistry visit Website >>>

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